Compliance Statement

Cubico is committed to the ethical and sustainable conduct of business. Cubico has made that commitment with the strong support of our shareholders. To protect the long term value of our investments, we take a long term approach to our business.

Our shareholders, business partners and the communities in which we work expect us to behave in a responsible manner. This means complying with the laws of the countries in which we operate and aiming for best practice in everything that we do. These values apply regardless of whether local laws are enforced consistently, and regardless of whether others in the industry share them or not.

In particular, we entirely reject bribery and corruption as a way of doing business. We do not give or receive bribes of any sort. We do not allow others to give or receive bribes on our behalf. We do not act in a way that leads others to believe we act in a corrupt way.

In practical terms, this means:

  • We do not (directly or indirectly) offer or pay bribes
  • We do not (directly or indirectly) request, agree to receive or accept bribes
  • We do not (directly or indirectly) give advantages to public officials to influence them in their official capacity
  • The gifts, hospitality and travel we offer or receive must be reasonable, proportionate and only so far as necessary
  • We avoid conflicts between our personal interests and the interests of Cubico and its partners
  • We do not make or approve charitable or political donations to obtain or retain a business advantage
  • The financial records we keep are accurate and complete;
    we screen the backgrounds of the people we work with to ensure they share our values; and
  • When we have concerns about risky conduct, we escalate those concerns quickly.