Cubico Sustainable Investments (Cubico) has today joined Global Wind Organisation (GWO), accelerating the industry’s global effort to strive towards an injury free working environment.

With around 2.5 GW of wind energy installed and a growing footprint in key markets across Europe, the Americas and Oceania, Cubico will commit to using GWO standards for its workforce where appropriate and will contribute directly to their development going forward.

GWO members like Cubico collaborate to develop and set minimum standards for safety and technical training.

The training is delivered by a growing network of more than 380 independent certified training providers in 40+ countries around the world. Over 100,000 people had a valid GWO training record by 31 December 2020.

Steve Drapper, Global Head of Asset Management at Cubico, said: “As an international owner and operator of wind farms which recognises the importance of setting high standards for health and safety training, Cubico is pleased to be taking up GWO membership.

“We know that the global harmonisation of training adds value and brings simplicity, so we want to work with GWO to raise global health and safety standards.”

Paul Robbins, Chairman of Global Wind Organisation’s Executive Committee and Chief H&S Specialist at Vestas, commented: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Cubico Sustainable Investments to the GWO Family. They are a new member in more ways than one. They are the first asset management business in our group, demonstrating the relevance of GWO’s value proposition to this vital part of the industry.

“They have rapidly developed as an owner operator with more than 2 GW of wind capacity installed and are now able via GWO to positively influence the safety of a diverse workforce in many countries. We look forward to supporting them in reaching our collective goals of creating a safer and more productive workforce in wind.”